Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Friends With Benefits 
- મેઘનિનાદ



They eat at a table.

Renisha :- "Was it an easy move?"

Manav :- "It was hard leaving my dad and my sister gave me some shit, but the timing was right."

Manav's cell rings over
He sees it's Kayla. He hits "Ignore."

Manav (CONT'D) :- "The timing was really right."
Renisha :- "Your sister?"
Manav :- "No. My ex. She wants us to 'stay friends'. "
Renisha :- * (puke noise) *
Manav :- "Also she's convinced she can cure me of my emotional unavailability."
Renisha :- " Oh, you're emotionally unavailable? I'm emotionally damaged. I haven't seen you at the meetings."
Manav :- " (laughs) I'm kinda burnt on relationships for awhile."
Renisha :- "Me, too, girlfriend. I'm done. You're preaching to the congregation."
Manav :- "You mean the choir. You're supposed to preach to the congregation."
Renisha :- "Did you understand what I was saying? Then don't be a jerk about it."

Manav's phone rings again. It's Kayla.
Renisha picks it up and talks :- "Hello. You've reached Manav Harper's cell phone. He's emotionally unavailable right now. But if you'd like to-- hello? Hello? Wow, your service does suck."

Manav :- "Right? "

Renisha laughs and says to her own self :- "This guy is pretty cool."

Renisha :- " I'm having some friends over tomorrow night. Come, I'll introduce you."


A movie party at Renisha's apartment. Doorbell rings. Renisha goes to the door. It's Manav.

Manav :- "Sorry, I'm late."
Renisha :- "Manav!"
Renisha (to friends) :- "Hey, this is Manav. He is  from Bhavnagar."

The friends boo.

Renisha (CONT'D) :- "He's why I have enough money to buy you alcohol tonight."

The friends cheer.

Everyone's watching Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal in "When Harry Met Sally."
EVERYONE :- "Just do it already! /Come on! /Fuck each other! /Boring!"

Fewer people. They're watching "The Ugly Truth" with Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler.
EVERYONE :- "Do it! /Hurry up! /Get to it!  /Fuck!"

Fewer people. Now they're watching Nia Vardolos and John Corbett in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."
EVERYONE :- " No! /Don't! /Stop! /Don't do it! / No! "       

Fewer people. Now they're watching Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in "Brokeback Mountain."
EVERYONE :- "Do it! /Come on! /Fuck!"

End of all movies.

Now it's only Manav and Renisha. They're drinking beer, watching another movie.
ON SCREEN a romantic comedy actor talks to a romantic comedy actress in any location.

"Plucky" score accompanies their every move:

ROMANTIC COMEDY ACTRESS :- "I can't do this anymore."
ROMANTIC COMEDY ACTOR :- "Yeah. We have to both get happy. "
The actress turns and walks away with tears in her eyes.

The actor stays, checks his watch and heads off for something clearly important. The score reflects this.

Manav :- "Why do these movies always have such bad music? And it's wall-to-wall."
Renisha :- "It's so you know how to feel every single second."
Manav :- "I'm heartbroken!
(sad beats)

"I'm getting married to the man of my dreams!"

(happy beats)

"I'm creeping through an office!" *

(suspenseful beats)"

Renisha laughs as she gets up. As she crosses off.

Manav "scores" her every move: every footstep, head turn, etc.

She exits and Manav "scores" anticipatory beats. He changes the score as she (playing along) pops her head in then holds up a bag of popcorn and walks back.

Renisha :- "Is that my husband?"
Manav "scores" suspense. Renisha continues acting--

Renisha :- "I don't care! You're the one I want."

She sexily approaches him on the couch. He "scores" sexy music. She leans in to him and breaks off at the last second.

They laugh. She collapses on the couch.

Renisha :- " I wish my life was a movie sometimes. I'd never have to worry about my hair, or pay my bills, or have to go to the bathroom. And then when I'm at my lowest point, some guy would chase me down, pour out his heart and then we'd kiss."


An actress buys a ticket from the kiosk, suitcase in hand.
She's wearing a broach in the shape of a daisy. An actor runs up with a bouquet of daisies.

ROMANTIC COMEDY ACTOR :- "Madison, wait!"
ROMANTIC COMEDY ACTRESS :- "Bryce? How did you know I was at Grand Central Station? "

Manav :- " You're not. You're on a set. Clearly in Los Angeles. "
Renisha :- " Ssssssh!"

ROMANTIC COMEDY ACTRESS :- " What are you doing here?"

Renisha mouths the lines she knows them so well over--

ROMANTIC COMEDY ACTOR :- " To tell you that I love that sunsets make you cry. That I don't care you failed your real estate exam. And that I'm glad you have a five date rule. And that I love you."
ROMANTIC COMEDY ACTRESS :- " (through tears) Not as much as I love you. "
They kiss . (actor and actress)

Manav :- " ...And there it is. "

On screen the couple exit the station and get into a horse drawn carriage and go off into the sunset in a big crane shot.

Renisha :- " I mean come on, horse-and-carriage ?, That's awesome."
Manav :- " I didn't know New York had so many palm trees. "
Renisha :- " Don't be a hater.(pause for a while and then) Why don't they ever make a movie about what happens after the big kiss?"
Manav :- " They do. It's called porn."
Renisha :- " God, I miss sex."
Manav :- "Right? I mean, sometimes you just need it. It's like..."
Renisha :- " I don't know, it's like cracking your neck.But, Why does it always gotta come with complications? And emotions. And guilt"
Manav :- " It's women's fault."
Renisha :- " What???"
Manav :- "You heard me.(Speaking in a girly tone) "Hold me.Let's spend the rest of our lives together."
Renisha :- " Oh, please, you are no better.(In hard male voice) Oh, yeah, baby, come on, now. Say my name. Yeah...(GRUNTS) I'm done. How was I?"
Manav :- "Who have you been with?"
Renisha :- "Why can't it not be like that?"
Manav :- "It's a physical act. Like playing tennis.Two people should be able to have sex like they're playing tennis.
Renisha :-"Yeah, I mean,No one wants to go away for the weekend after they play tennis. "
Manav :- " It's just a game. You shake hands and get on with your shit."
Renisha :- " Yeah. Yeah."
Manav :- "Mmmmm.."
Renisha :- "Do you want more beer?"
Manav :- "Mmmmm...yeah"

She finishes her beer and gets up. Manav watches her walk out of the room, noticing for the first time she's wearing a T-shirt without a bra. She returns with two bottles of beer.

Manav :- " Let's play tennis."
Renisha :- "I suck at tennis. And it's kinda gay."
Manav :- "No I mean, let's *PLAY TENNIS* "
Renisha :- " What? "
Manav :- " Let's have sex like it's tennis. "
Renisha :- " Get the hell outta here."

She shoves him as she collapses on the couch.

Manav :- ". Why not? This could be great."

She hands him a beer.

Renisha :- "Dude, we talked about this. I don't like you like that."
Manav :- " I don't like you like that either.  That's why it's perfect. Two peopleplaying tennis. Cracking our necks."
Renisha :- " I don't even know if I think you're attractive."
Manav :- "That's cute. None of us like each other , but we both like sex. Let's just have sex for fun , like tennis , you like to play , I like to play . No emotional dramas. Just sex and fun as we both like it , want it and need it. "
Renisha :- "Before that you got to tell about my awesome personality. Tell me what you think physically about me, Strictly physical."
Manav :- " uhhhh.. ohakay "
Renisha :- " First time you saw me ?"
Manav :- " This is just two people talking?"
Renisha :- " Yeah,Two girls over drinks at Bennigan's. Go."
Manav :- " I liked your eyes. I didn't think I'd ever seen such big, beautiful eyes."
Renisha :- " Your lips. Yeah. I thought you might be a good kisser."
Manav :- " I am. Your breasts."
Renisha :- " What about them?"
Manav :- " They intrigued me."
Renisha :- " Really?"
Manav :- " Yeah"
Renisha :- " (grabing her bobs in her noth hands and oushing up ) I think they're so big, over sized."
Manav :-  " They're still sexy breasts.The shape and curve of it "
Renisha :- " I liked your hands."
Manav :- " Mouth."
Renisha :- " Voice"
Manav :- " Butt."
Renisha :- " Chest"
Manav :- " Eyes."
Renisha :- " You said that."
Manav :- " I meant it."
Renisha :- " You swear you don't want anything more from me other than sex?"
Manav :- " You swear you don't want anything more from me?"

Renisha scrolling menu in her mobile.

Manav :- " What are you doing?"
Renisha :- " I'm pulling up my Bhagwad Gita app."
Manav :- " You have a Bhagwad Gita app."
Renisha :- " Yes. I am a good girl. (puttimg mobile infront of him) here we are, put your hand on Gita and swear- No relationship, No emotions, Just sex. Whatever happens,we stay friends."
Manav :- " I do swear, No relationship, No emotions, Just sex. Whatever happens,we stay friends."
Renisha :- " So I guess we should just start."

Manav come closer to her and grab her in hug.

Renisha :- "Not here.Lets go in the bedroom."
Manav :- " What's wrong with right here? "
Renisha :- " Light's better in the bedroom. And 'cause you're just my friend, I don't have to be insecure about my body."
Manav :- " You're beautiful. You have nothing to be insecure about. And I am not here to judge you. We are best friends , know each other well, nothing to hide , to accept each other as we are . Make each other fully comfortable. "
Renisha :- " Bup! That sounded emotionally- supportive. Lock that down. "
Manav :- " Your ass is a little boney."
Renisha :- " There you go. Better."


They rush in, undressing.

Renisha :- " My nipples are sensitive, I don't  like dirty talk, and if I'd known this was gonna happen I would have shaved my legs this morning."
Manav :- " I keep my socks on. Intimacy issues."
Renisha :- " My chin is ticklish, I sneeze sometimes after I cum"

They face each other. Renisha takes off her T-shirt.

Manav (CONT'D) :- " I can work with that."

He pulls off his boxers.

Renisha :- " Should be fine."

They get on the bed and go back at it.

He grab her face in her hands and come over her, than slowly he kiss her chin, then he kiss her earlobes, and start suckinbg them.
she grab him more close and tigtt, he put her hand on her thigh and kiss on her front neck, on sholder, collarbone. He stops for a moment and stare in her eyes, and then they kissed.
They kissing each other like a hungry wolf, rather sucking each other. He slides his hand down her back and squeezed her ass, she moaned. She push down her head to her boobs, they are looking tighten , shivring and waiting for his mouth.
he grab one in his hand, and surf his finger over it, squeeze nipple and then suddenly he kissed nipple and start sucking it. He were kissing and sucking deeply and long , he lick all over her boobs, there is no space left unfelt or unlicked.
Now its out of her control to pretend , she start moaning heavily, he push him hard over her breast , he is sucking her nipples and boobs very seductivly. While sucking her boobs, he felt shiver of her thighs and edge of her panty.
She is pullinmg her hair , pressing her head down and moanig-- "aahh.. wow.. ohh maa.. do it again.,,. yeah,, more hard,,, please bite me there.,... go on,.,., please go on faster "
He goes up and kiss her lips again, they kiss each other toung and they suck each other for long, while sucking each other, he kept playing with her boobs with his hands, he is sucking her earlobes, and all over neck, he turned her back and lick her back line, kisses all over her back and on her ass too, he bite there and she turn front again.
They hug each other so tight, he again start kissing her lips, chin, earlobes, neck and then he comes down to her boobs again, he squeeze them for while and then suck them, he keeps going down and continues kissing her all over, on her tummy, on her navel,thighs, upper part of her pussy and besides pussy . He kisses and sucks over her thighs and all over legs. He goes up kissing down from toe.
Renisha :- " I can't believe I'm doing this.  It's not what sex is supposed to be."
Manav :- " Should we stop? We could just go for a run."
Renisha :- " Are we too old for this?"
Manav :- " Sex?"
Renisha :- " No, Casual sex. It seems very collegey."
Manav :- " I can sing some Third Eye Blind. Closing time, one last call for alcohol so finish your whiskey or beer. I know who--"
Renisha :- " That's not Third Eye Blind. "
Manav :- " Might as well be. "
She slaps him.
Renisha :- " We're just doing this once."
Renisha laughs as he kiss her pussy, he surf her fingers slowly over there, and start rubbing it. while rubbing with one hand, other hand was playing with boobs and mouth was kissing her thigh.
He strach her legs wide and put her both hands on her breast and mouth on her pussy, He kiss her pussy wild,enter her toung inside, surf all over inside with his tung, suck lips of her pussy, and start licking it..
she is on high , moaning loudly, "oh my god,,,, aahhh ahhh..ummmmm.... awesome,,, there ,yeah there,,,do it again .. little hard this time... aahhhh ahhh... ohh mammaaa,,, litle more deep inside, bite the lips, "
Renisha :- "stop there now, i cant control, i want you inside me, let me play with your manhood"
And she turn her down and comes over him, she kiss her neck,earlobes, chest, nipple, shoulder, tumy , and on thighs, and suddenly she grabes her penis in her hand, she catch it tight and push hard.
She start playing with him, while playing it with hands, she kisses near by him and on thighs, then she kiss her penis and start licking it, she take it in her mouth ,and start sucking .
Manav :- " Suck it more deep ... whoaaa... you are awsome,.,, keep going,.,, aaahhhhh.... wow... awesome"
Renisha :- " I really like sucking penis so much,, i love to give blow job"
Manav :- " You are great it"
She continues sucking it, licking it and playing with her hands.
Manav :- " Stop now, or else i will cum in your mouth"
Renisha :- " No, i want you to cum in me , lets ride me hard"
Manav :- " This is the beauty of having sex with your best freind , you can do it without any shame, too freely, speak out what you like and how you want it"
Renisha :- " There are so many other benefits too, but we can discuss letter , now i want you badly"

He pull over her from her shoulder and ride on her, he kisses her lips, suck her earlobes and then moved to her boobs, he pressed them with her hands, play with them and start sucking them, while kissing niples, his one hand was over her pussy,squeezing it with his finger.
Renisha :- " Now.,, Its time to enter, I cant wait any more"
Manav :- " Put it in with your hand"
She catched his penis, press hard in his hand and then put it inside her pussy. His manhood is now ridding her .
They both cummed together.
They look to each other and kisses passionatly.

Manav :- " I had heared girls wants and need to talk after sex, but if you dont mind, i would like you to take you on a long drive, to show you the total diffrent city in the dark of midnight. And we could talk so many things on long drive as we always do"
Renisha :- " Thats great idea.. Your talks will give a mental orgasome. But when we return , i want your mouth between my legs, i want you to eat me again. .You were great there. "
Manav :- " Done."
Renisha :- " Dona Done."